One lucky DAILY winner will get a $100 coupon code now through Easter (April 4th, 2021), but only if you play the game. Learn more…
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About the Contest:

Time for a little game to keep our favorite customers (YOU) Satisfyed. We're thrilled to announce our 20-day Hidden Easter Egg Contest. Each day, between March 16 through April 4, 2021, we'll have our special RED Money Easter Egg hidden somewhere online. You'll want to check these places:

• Somewhere on
• Satisfye's
Facebook Page
• Satisfye's
• Satisfye's
Twitter Account
• Satisfye's
YouTube Channel
• Satisfye's
Livestreams on Twitch (Mon/Wed/Fri at 3pm Pacific)

Be sure that the location you find the Hidden Easter Egg posted the egg image TODAY. You don't want to mistake the egg that was posted on a previous day and get disqualified. So be sure to check the date the egg is posted for today's date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The egg shown on this page DOES NOT COUNT as the Egg's hidden location, nor does the egg shown on the contest entry page. You've gotta look a little harder than that!



  1. Visit the Contest Entry Page to enter for a chance to win the daily prize.
  2. Tell us where you found today's egg in the ‘Egg Location’ field on the Contest Entry Page.
  3. Add the Contest Entry Page product to your cart.
  4. Checkout (there is NO charge to checkout, unless you have other products in your cart.
  5. We'll announce the daily winners of our Hidden Easter Egg contest here.

You can enter our contest every day up until April 4, 2021 for a chance to win our daily $100 gift card prize. Good luck!


Contest Rules:

Contest is valid in the 50 United States and Canada. A single winner (1) will be chosen from eligible and correct entries once daily throughout the month of March 2021. Only one entry per person per day. Prize has no cash value, but is good for up to $100 in products found on Products selected under this promotion are not eligible for return. Winners will have 90-days to use their $100 coupon code. Codes not used within the 90-day window will expire. Winners will be notified by email and their name may be displayed on and social media properties controlled by or affiliated with Satisfye, Inc.


Don't Like Contests and Games?

Don't worry - you don't have to play to win. Just use code EasterEgg15 for a winning-in-life 15% off all ZenGrip Products and Bundles on 🙃